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"More Than a Sock, Man" - 5 Ways Socks Add Zest To Life

I've been walking around this week singing my own rendition of the 70's hit, "More Than a Woman". Instead, I'm singing, "More Than a Sock, Man", (or "Mon").

We all have to wear them. Well, some can get away with wearing them less in the summer, but socks are definitely a must in the winter or when wearing sneakers. But in the Culusocks world, a sock isn't just a sock.

Socks can be a form of expression and elevate one's sense of style. Before getting into the world of custom socks, never did I think that socks could be so much more than just a piece of clothing. Socks can be an encouraging piece of your lifestyle and an inspirational statement piece.

Here are five ways that socks can add to the zest of life:


1. A Conversation Starter

With some custom socks, you wouldn't be able to go anywhere without having at least one person speak about or ask you about them. A pair of socks with the main lyric from a popular song or image from your favorite movie might lead to a "Hey, I remember that" or might even have someone singing the song that you remind them of. 



2. A Reminder

A pair of socks with a loving image of your spouse might remind you not to forget that anniversary date coming up soon. Seeing your children on a pair of socks or seeing the smile on your child's face when you give them a uniquely customized pair of socks might be what reminds you to smile during a stressful day. 



3. A Statement Piece

Running down the basketball court with a unique and customized pair of slick socks might make everyone remember that phenomenal athlete's name. 


4. A Running Joke

There might be one pair of socks that gets your family members laughing every time they see them. Maybe it's you making a funny face or your face coupled with a quote that you always say to others. Or the branded image from your favorite bag of chips.


5. A Message to Be Great

We all need a pick me up and boost to our self-esteem sometimes. Wearing a pair of socks with an inspiring quote or an image associated with a goal that you have can be what keeps you productive and reaching towards your dreams.


Think about it.

So, next time you start to think a sock is just a sock, think deeper. It’s a statement piece and could be a conversation starter to bring everyone together or a reminder to breathe and be at peace if you wear them during yoga, fitness or need an encouraging word during these uncertain times in the world.

Don't sleep on socks. But, feel free to sleep in them. While singing, "More Than a Sock, Mon" of course. :-)

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